i feel bad bc i was like well no ones really gonna challenge england, aus , and can and then it turns out wales medals and i saw none of them

right? I was like “I am not going to wake up early with my slow-ass connection watching 3 seconds at a time stretched over several hours for teams that aren’t even gonna medal, hell no”


well gee now I feel kind of bad for not watching the earlier subdivisions

jesus christ Canada get it together

4 for you Fragapane you go Fragapane

It’s Monday! That means there are only FIVE MORE DAYS until the new Sailor Moon Crystal episode!

dafuq is Australia up to on vault?

4 for you Becky Downie, you go Becky Downie!

I’m watching a very, uh, watered-down version of the team competition thanks to some really shitty hotel wifi. i’m a few minutes behind live, with buffering pauses every few seconds. so I don’t really know how anyone’s doing overall.