my favorite thing about england is that the word pulp doesnt exist 


my favorite thing about england is that the word pulp doesnt exist 

You should pick a random color to scream about and see how people respond.

It’s not even the screaming that gets me, but persistent trickle of snide commentary.

"X placed 5th in UB finals, wearing the gymternet’s favorite color—”

"The USA is marching in for training, wearing (surprise!) hot pink—"

"Look what countries Y and Z are wearing! Lololol hotpinknation is spreading!"

And then T&T Worlds are in November, and they’ll wear one of the WAG leotards in a different color scheme, and

"haha that’s where all the good leotards are, T&T has them!”

"oh my god it looks SO MUCH BETTER, why couldn’t Simone have worn that one!" (and really, this is the pinnacle of design? really? the navy is too dark and doesn’t gel with the red and the white stripes are ostentatious, just get over yourselves and admit it looks better in solid red and adding a square inch of blue fabric doesn’t automatically ‘fix’ it. maybe if the sleeves were blue mesh as well but as it is, no.)

Not joking even a tiny bit when I say the thing I’m dreading most in this run-up to Worlds is the endless bitching that’s going to flood my dash when someone inevitably wears a pink leotard.

Hoping this looks better in competition…
(from Laura Longueville’s twitter)

Hoping this looks better in competition…

(from Laura Longueville’s twitter)

How come you don’t post about your cacti anymore?

Oh idk. They’re all still there, except the succulents (Sarge and Ethel) died while I was abroad THANKS MOM but it works out because they were in-laws anyway

I just got a new one actually, Jean Kennedy Smith. Now all I need is the big cheese himself.

Followers, I feel like we don’t communicate enough. Communicate with me more often.


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Have you ever wanted tour own stag beetle but had no wish to remove it from its environs? Do you have a spare pickle jar and a wish to make a craft object from paper and glue? Then this activity kit has been tailored for you!

you will need scissors, adhesive paste/glue, a bit of masking tape and a printing mechanism. You will also need a standard sized pickle jar or the equivalent.

Cut out the two parts of the beetle:

-fold the left portion of the ‘elytra’ (bottom body) over the other.

-place some glue on the upper section and adhere the two so that the small ‘sensory organs’ peek out from under the head.

-the stem of section B (c1) gets adhered to the small base (c2) (picture 1).

-place a small piece of tape on the bottom of C2 and adhere it to the inside of the jar lid (picture 1)

The collar for the ‘bell jar’ is section E

-it might require some extension depending on the dimensions of the jar but I recommend printing the pattern at maximum size to minimize that.

-glue the tabs to the lower bottom base seen in (picture 2)

-place the jar lid inside the collar and base (picture 3)

-place the jar over the top and screw down into the lid! 

-You now have a museum exhibit quality stag beetle display!


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It’s really not. Also I think those questions are dumb.